Water Bottle

Loop is inspired by Chinese teapots and antique fastenings. When Loop is placed on the table the opening is faced upwards, and will never touch ground. When water is needed, loop is first turned upside down, then the waiter presses the button in the centre and opens the fastener. Water is escapes the loop downwards into the dinners glass, this is done as a performance for the diner. The loop gives a water dance experience of EEFIT water to the diner.


The glass bottle comes in three forms:

-Polished aluminium cap with frosted glass

– Bushed aluminium cap with clear glass

-Translucent green cap with clear ripple glass


The bamboo bottle is inspired by Chinese art and the strength and natural properties of bamboo shoots. The shape adopts a bamboo structure, allowing water to throw though. The bamboo glass utilizes a screw aluminium cap which secures the water through transportation.