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Novel Pocket art

above blue design has created a range of pocket squares for the luxury men’s fashion label Novel. Each piece draws inspiration from the natural beauty present in every butterfly that flaps it wings, allowing men to show their personal flair even in formal situations.

The pocket art draws these parallels between the story of the butterfly and a blossoming romance. Exhibiting 50 species of butterfly, each is unique to the wearer, having been created according to the principles of a lost art in Chinese culture, Su Zhou.

This certified heritage process takes the blank space of the silk materiel after which, the creation is sewn by hand using a method known as double-sided embroidery along the outline of the wings of the butterfly motif. Each butterfly is intend to duplicate its living counterpart, incorporating the natural beauty of the wingspan, meaning all of the designs will bear a distinct pattern ranging from the design of the stitching to the use of paint. The unifying factor is that all of these creations have been given an incredible attention to detail that can only be achieved through the handcrafted process, from beginning to end.

Then, the locally employed artists delicately apply the paint to both sides of the material in order to replicate the delicate wings of a living creature. The end result is a unique creation that cannot be found or replicated anywhere else, adding a colourful twist on the classic suit that ultimately brings colour to everyday life and routine.

The packaging has been inspired by the methods of framed displays with the preservation of real butterflies. With this in mind, each butterfly has been placed in a box, under glass with a wooden finish, in order to evoke such traditions.

Much like the story of the butterfly, the deep and romantic love shared between a couple commences in a state of vulnerability where each passing moment strengthens the bond and creates a greater sense of intimacy. True romance reaches maturity, protecting the lovers from the world, when a loving relationship is encouraged to grow and develop gradually over time.

Website: www.novelfineries.com
Hypebeast: http://hypebeast.com/2016/4/novel-fineries-butterfly-wing-pocket-square