Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The prestigious Hong Kong Polytechnic University has its 80th anniversary this year. To celebrate this, we have designed a logo that represents PolyU’s core values.

The logo depicts a graduate standing next to a world of wonders. The graduate looks upwards, showing their empowerment to shape the world into a better place. Their beautiful minds full of thoughts to improve the society and environment.

Elements to the logo:

  • The figure “8” depicts a graduate of the university standing proud and tall, empowered by the knowledge they have gained, their head is tilted upwards showing that their minds are open and thoughtful about the world around them.
  • The figure “0” is a simple yet elegant motif of the world.
  • The swirls that circles around the world illustrates how PolyU graduates are shaping the future of our planet with their actions.
  • The text part of the design has been altered such that the “P” and “U take inspiration from the current Polytechnic emblem.
  • The colours are inspired by the traditional brick colour walls of the iconic PolyU premises.


The logo has been designed to work in two different fronts.