Water Bottling Machine

This machine is designed to inject an energy which contains is ‘Far Infrared’ (FIR) which is also known as the “Light of Life”. Using a cutting-edge and pioneer electromagnetic induction process, energy can be induced into water without using any intermediary additives. Bottles of water is fed into the machine to be injected with FIR.

After drinking Aquaenergy, the ‘infiltrated’ FIR energy can be transported throughout the entire circulatory system. Aquaenergy can enhance the micro-circulation and metabolism of the human body, and can effectively improve the sub-health state of people. Prof. Wang Wei-gong, Professor of Biophysics at the Johns Hopkins University stated that “Chi’ is the driving force for good blood circulation. The ‘Chi’ which Prof. Wang referred to is actually the Far Infrared (FIR) energy in physics. Thus, FIR energy is the real driving force behind the human metabolic cycle.