Energy Pen

This pen embeds EEFIT technology. The Efficiency Enhancement Field Induction Technology (EEFIT) is the proprietary and patented technology developed by Nick Wang Technology Limited. It is a spectrum induction technology which allows adjustable calibration levels, and the spectrum it emits belongs to the far infrared spectral region. It can improve the properties of materials at the microscopic level, unleashing the full potential and enhancing the efficiency of the materials.

Utilizing the photoelectric effect, EEFIT is shot into the skin resulting in strong resonance with the hypodermis, expanding blood capillary, revitalizing cells, and thereby improving the dermatological metabolism. Your skin will become regenerated, smooth and radiant. The elasticity of your skin will also be enhanced.

All Parts can be milled and turned. This design conveys a playful way of using the pen in various aspects of life.