EEFIT wristband

Efficiency Enhancement Field Induction Technology emitted by ‘Ripple’ can enhance blood circulation, ensuring abundant oxygen supply to all tissue cells. Old and deteriorating cells will be revitalized, thus restoring the autonomic nervous system to normal. The essence of transmitting energy wherever we go, allowing our food and drink to be pure and enlightened. The ripple idea was developed upon these standards and has the essence of moving, dropping water. A liquid flow of energy always surpasses when the wristband is worn.

EEFIT energy is transmitted through the red LED light. The user switches on the wristband but tapping the surface of the ripple. The wristband can be worn or the center part can be removed and carried separately.

All electronic components fits within the body, the energy source can be charged through the USE lightning hub located on the side of the body without having to take the wristband apart. The FlexBand incorporates a pressed button which locks the two sides of the band together, the band fits comfortably in a slim and tidy manner around the user’s wrist.