EEFIT Aquaenergy

[video width="960" height="544" mp4=""] The applications of EEFIT are very extensive.

Novel Pocket art

above blue design has created a range of pocket squares for the luxury men's fashion label Novel. Each piece draws inspiration from the natural beauty present in every butterfly that flaps it wings, allowing men to show their personal flair even in formal situations.

ECO Paddle Board

In the current market there are numerous paddle boards and companies which sell paddle boards/ SUP. Most of these paddle boards are made by using Epoxy or UPR construction methods which contribute a total of 545 and 380lbs of Co2 into the atmosphere per board.


The Playo seesaw is an innovative tool allowing people to foster new relationships, letting people come together in an intimate fashion eye to eye.

Hydroponic Herb Growing Kit

above blue design was tasked with creating a hydroponics growing kit, allowing users to have fresh herbs in their home readily available.

Energy Pen

This pen embeds EEFIT technology. The Efficiency Enhancement Field Induction Technology (EEFIT) is the proprietary and patented technology developed by Nick Wang Technology Limited.

The Spell of Lilies

This set of brushes are inspired by old Chinese paintings, beauty is expressed through the form of galloping horses and exquisite scenery.

EEFIT wristband

Efficiency Enhancement Field Induction Technology emitted by ‘Ripple’ can enhance blood circulation, ensuring abundant oxygen supply to all tissue cells.

Water Bottle

Loop is inspired by Chinese teapots and antique fastenings. When Loop is placed on the table the opening is faced upwards, and will never touch ground.

Octo Stir

The casing of OctoStir is made from injection moulded high temperature resistant silicone, which is safe from toxic shocks and has been granted a food grade.